Sustainable development

To protect the planet and make a commitment on the human plan is at the heart of our concerns.

For several years, our company leads a development policy which associates the respect for the ecological constraints and the will to develop an environment of spreading work. Simply put, our commitment amounts in a few words: fewer waste, more solidarity: a more responsible management!
Today the entertainment industry joins in a global approach of structuring of the tools of sustainable development. We try to accompany this trend by implying(involving) us in the professional authorities.

MAGNUM, label n°133 of the live performance.

The Label ” Service provider of the Live performance ® “, is a registered trademark.
It is awarded to the companies of technical services performances the main activity of which is the show.
It has the peculiarity to be attributed by the customers and the employees of the persons receiving benefits, through their professional organizations.
This label which is awarded about 700 companies today, testifies of our commitment on the long term regarding respect for the social standards.


A label recognized for its solid reference table which estimates companies and their commitments in front of main stakes in the sustainable development: sorting of waste, limitation of the consumption of the energy and the water or still risk prevention.
You can consult our ethical charter or our charter diversity developed from the recommendations of Prestadd.
To know more about it:
MAGNUM is also referenced on the site Events 3.0 which lists the actors committed on the market of the eco-responsible special event management.

MAGNUM innovates

Depuis 2005, nous intégrons dans notre parc matériel des produits LEDs. Ils présentent un double intérêt: une consommation énergétique réduite et un encombrement minime qui permettent de diminuer l’impact environnemental des évènements. Notre équipe de R&D a développé plusieurs produits innovants:

  • Le Green Generator : un module autonome de produc tion d’énergie (solaire/éolien), idéal pour les installations de petites puissances, il garantit une consommation énergétique ultra-réduite pour des prestations zéro impact.
  • La licialed : une boîte ambre étanche imaginée pour les contraintes du monde du spectacle. Son principal atout, sa consommation réduite de 30 watts maximum (en blanc).

To create the event it is to propose projects which were never proposed!