Dynamic , passionate about new technologies, our teams are composed of complementary profiles which, by their diversity , allow to understand all the technical aspects of your event

Our office

A team at your service Consulting, assistance. interlocutor , whatever your project , we will offer you personalized support.

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Because each project is different and every single solution , our 20 account managers will provide you with their expertise and experience to achieve your goals.

The success of a project largely through the involvement of teams that realize.

In short , men , techniques, passion ! Beyond our skills, it is above all a human adventure made ​​of challenges and successes we offer .

Around the exchange values ​​of proximity and rigor , Magnum Place your project in the center of its priorities.


Our technicians

Our light technicians , video, sound and structure are competent and dedicated professionals at the forefront of our commitment to maintain the smooth running of your event. [video width="1280" height="676" mp4=""][/video]
More than 200 technicians, regularly trained in new technologies , are at your service to ensure the perfect quality of your services and facilities. Our teams fully support your events , the latter assured the preparation of material to dismantling , through the delivery, installation and operation
Magnum puts human capital at your disposal to ensure a seamless service : managers (TV, shows, conventions ... ) , technicians specialized in broadcasting ( high-power video projection , video wall , computer ... ) , specialized technicians infodécor and dynamic show, vision engineers , cameramen, sound technicians and engineers , structure, energy, light, video installations , computer engineers ...

Our design office

With its integrated design office , Magnum offers technical expertise to advise you, imagine and validate your project. Assisted by the best CAD software ( Vectorworks , Autocad , Adobe CS , Structural Analysis ) , they design reliable management tools for your operations. specifications of realization , implementation study, 2D drawing , 3D animation, graphics overlay , modeling of fire plans ...
His role , you will support and intervene at all stages of your project from preliminary design , identifying its requirements and constraints . For each new project, Magnum combines the talent and creativity of its teams with the performance of the latest technologies .
The Magnum research department is composed of professionals with extensive experience in various fields of expertise and a strong team spirit . Each project entrusted to them , is diagnosed carefully to ensure successful completion.