DSAN Perfect cue System

Pavlov avertisseur lumineux HF ?Télécommande PPT deux PC alimentation par port USB
Système de commande visuelle et sonore pilotant votre ordinateur. Il permet à un conférencier, grâce à sa télécommande HF, d’envoyer des signaux à un technicien présent en régie et;ou de piloter un logiciel avec les commandes Suivant et Précédent tel qu’un PowerPoint.

• Range of transmitter to cue light: 300 feet (100 meters)
• Light behavior, sounds and keystrokes are programmable with free app
• Ports: Serial-XLR (2), Serial-RJ45 (2), 4-pin XLR4-Female, 4-pin XLR4-Male, Stereo Phono Jack (2)
• Three selectable cue sounds: “Command,” “Announce,” “Check”
• Sound volume control: High, Low, Off
• Lights control: High, Low, Off
• Power: 5V USB bus or external (12V / 110-220V) power supply
• RF communication: 433.92MHz on 256 possible channels
• Local switch control: Forward (Green), Back (Red), Blank (Amber), USB engaged/disengaged
• Transmitter batteries: CR 2032 and CR123

Product Dimensions:
• Cue Light: 7” x 4” x 3¼”
• Transmitter: 5” x 2” x ¾” (including antenna)
• Case: 17” x 14” x 7”
• Weight: 10 lbs with case

PerfectCue is a wireless audio and visual cueing system that can remotely control presentations on either one or two computers.  The communication between the transmitter and cue light is solid at 300 feet.

PerfectCue enables a speaker to send cues to a projectionist using a wireless hand-held transmitter or to remotely control presentation software via dual programmable USB ports.

The relationship between transmitter and receiver are hardcoded via dipswitch settings.  This enables the user to establish any relationship between the transmitter(s) and receiver(s).  For example:

  • PerfectCue systems can work in proximity without interfering with one another
  • One transmitter can control multiple cue lights
  • One cue light can be controlled by multiple transmitters
  • One cue light can control two computers in sync
  • One cue light can control additional cue lights (by wiring together the cue lights)


The PerfectCue is designed to facilitate integration with belt-pack headsets. 4-pin IN-OUT XLR jacks allow the cue light to be interposed between belt-pack and headset. Two-way intercom communications pass through unchanged except cue light sounds are added to reception. The PerfectCue has audio output for use with headphone or earpiece monitoring.  The device is volume controllable.


Galerie photos

Interspace Perfect cue System
Interspace Perfect cue System
Interspace Perfect cue System
DSAN Perfect cue System

Propriétés techniques

  • Dimensions unitaires: 25 x 63 x 93 mm (émetteur)
  • Dimensions unitaires: 142 x Ø14 mm (antenne)
  • Poids unitaire: 210 g (récepteur)
  • Poids unitaire: 90 g (émetteur)
  • Poids unitaire: 25 g (antenne)

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