Power supply

Mains rating 100 V - 240 V ( ±10%), 50-60 Hz
Connector Lockable IEC connector C13 with power on/off button


Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Dual SHARC 32-bit, floating point, 96 kHz sampling rate
Matrix Mixing 20 inputs to 8 independant busses
Mute, gain, PFL/AFL
Busses 8 busses + cue bus
Processing per bus Mute, gain, polarity
Delay up to 4000 ms
16 EQ filters
Direct routing From any input to any output
System tuning Integrated measurement platform for M1


Analog or AES/EBU 0.5 ms pass thru
DSP propagation delay 0.37 ms
Signal distribution Time-aligned redundant audio


AVB 8 channels from 2 independant AVB streams on etherCONTM 1 Gb/s
Sampling frequency: 48 kHz or 96 kHz
AES/EBU 4 AES/EBU channels (2 x AES3) on 2 female 3-pin XLR
AES/ EBU Sample Rate Converter (SRC) Operating at 24 bit / 96 kHz
Analog line 4 line channels on 4 female 3-pin XLR (rear)
Analog mic/line 4 mic/line channels on 4 female 3-pin XLR (front)
48 V phantom power
Gain 0 to 60 dB
2nd order highpass filter 40 Hz
Processing per input Mute, gain, polarity, gang


Processing per output Mute, gain, polarity, gang
Analog line 4 line channels on 4 male 3-pin XLR
AES/EBU 4 AES/EBU output channels (2 x AES3) on 2 male 3-pin XLR
Sampling frequency and word length: 96 kHz at 24 bits
AVB 8 audio channels from 2 independant AVB streams
Sampling frequency: 48 kHz or 96 kHz
Headphones Stereo
Minimum load : 32 ohms


Display 1 TFT color touchscreen display (320 × 120 px)
Navigation 1 encoding wheel with push button

Remote control and monitoring

Network connection Dual-port Ethernet Gigabit interface
Milan seamless dual network redundancy
L-Acoustics remote control software LA Network Manager
General purpose inputs and outputs (GPIO) 2 GPI + 2 GPO on DB9 female connectors
Third-party management solutions QSC® / SNMP / Crestron®

Operating conditions

Temperature 0º C / 32º F to +50º C / 122º F

Physical data

Height 1U
Weight 3.7 kg / 8.2 lb
Protection rating IP30


P1 schema


Signal generator Sine wave, sine bursts, sweep, white noise and pink noise
Media player Stereo output at 24 bit / 96 kHz

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