Laudspeaker Nexo PS 15 R2


Laudspeaker Nexo PS 15 R2

The PS15-R2 uses a unique cabinet design and rotatable constant directivity asymmetrical dispersion horn to provide both PA and stage monitor performance. The PS15-R2 is extremely light and compact. NEXO’s unique Active Full-range Processing enables a 2-way passive 8Ω design to deliver bi-amped performance using just one amplifier channel for less money, space and complexity. For maximum power handling, the PS15-R2 can be also operated in active bi-amped mode.

Like all NEXO products, the PS15-R2 Loudspeaker is designed to work with advanced electronic processors, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability of the highest standard.

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28 Kg


675 x 434 x 368 mm


€ HT

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